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Who we are

One of the most famous Santa Monica restaurants, The Misfit, is the epitome of timeless hipness. Housed in the ground floor of the iconic Clock Tower Building a historical Art Deco architectural landmark that stood as the tallest building in Santa Monica since 1929 until recently, the restaurant’s two-story height locale is mere blocks from the beach, meeting the corner of the pulsating Third Street Promenade on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The Misfit, nestled in the Art Deco building’s bottom floor, ushers in sun-lovers, locals, and tourists alike from the tumult of the boulevard into a bohemian universe.  Through a patio-framed entrance the discerning wanderer is greeted by a curved zinc bar, dialoguing with welcoming red leather-cushioned stools.  The expansive space unveils a double-story warm dining room and mezzanine, perfectly preserving the simultaneously intimate sophistication and follies of the golden age. A couple of blocks away from the beach, the restaurant provides a sharply contrasting experience to its surrounding beach city carnival-like scene, as a hidden-in-plain sight magical oasis of refined dining and intimate gathering.

Part of the LGO Hospitality Group, The Misfit amply illustrates an unabating culinary creativity, sourcing the freshest ingredients from the country’s leading farmer’s markets, to provide a menu sustained by the offerings of California’s growers and producers.  As with all of our restaurants, the open kitchen crafts neo-classic comfort dishes, sure-footed across an ever-changing geographical palate. Ranging from American bistro staples, to globally-inspired dishes, and freshest and most wholesome  raw bar compositions, it is ingeniously and deftly complemented by thoughtful drinks, mixed and stirred.  The magical experience is a unique reprieve among its neighboring establishments, unveiling a refined ambiance, completed by its intelligently comforting menu and stirring libations.

Our Happy Hour is peerless: starting at open until 7pm every open day, generously extending your leisure time. Named one of the best Happy Hours in Los Angeles! 1/2 off cocktails, spirits and wines by the glass every day until 7pm. 

The Misfit welcomes patrons of all ages.  Children under 13 are welcome before 5pm. Thereafter we move into a PG-13 environment.

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Another time,  Another place

Within historic Santa Monica Clock Tower‘s two-story authentic Art Deco dining and bar hall, the restaurant is anchored by a dramatic, full-length shelved wall, lined with books and bottles; a half- library, half-bar display, setting the stage for a modern bohemian dining experience. Two theatrical curtains drape around this prodigious wall, revealing its monumental height with a nod to the Prohibition Era. The walls and columns throughout are clad in half dark mahogany panels, half original subway tile, punctured by large, smoky bistro mirrors, with its majestic height eventually capped off by pressed-tin ceilings.

A reverent fondness of the space’s historical architecture is reflected in the venue’s every square inch.  The bar and dining area have been meticulously and faithfully restored to their original intent, in abundant detail, from the frolicking nymph frescoes surrounding the bar wall to the polished mahogany counter and the Moroccan tile flooring.

In the dining room and bar hall here and at the patio entrance, local creatives, yogi-goers, farmers-market hoppers and tourists alike, congregate around a creatively accessible and considerately wholesome, organic fare menu.  The fresh menu twists tradition with an adventurous heathy touch that is resolutely adaptable to all dietary considerations.

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Our Family