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A Memorable Space Available

Whether for a gathering of few or many, The Misfit’s hospitable offerings embrace your special occasions with family, friends or co-workers.  From corporate outings to those significant days in your life, we can accommodate all your special event needs.

The space can be reserved for events in the main dining hall area as well as the second-floor mezzanine area. 

The dining hall on the ground level offers an all-immersive experience into the atmosphere of the nonchalant American bistro.

The second-story at the mezzanine, secures a selective, balcony-at-the-opera style environment.  Up here, an exclusive handful of tables offer sweeping views of the entire restaurant and bar in all its Art Deco glory.  Overlooking the entire venue below, one becomes part of its historic architectural features, getting up close to its minutely restored nymph-frolicking murals.

A sure to be memory-maker for years to come, events with your family and friends, as well as your corporate-event celebrations here will be an experience equally satisfying and rewarding.  Fond rear-view mirror smiles are guaranteed.

For further inquiries please email us!